Living In Leggings!

By Altar Ego Ambassador Claudia Erban


Altar Ego is all about high performance and high vibe fashion apparel. Their leggings are made in Boston and by an all-female team (woot, woot), and each pair is custom printed by hand in their studio.  The material used is an imported Italian spandex that is ultra-soft,  has a four-way stretch, and feels like a second-skin.   


When I look for active wear, primarily leggings, I keep a few things in mind; comfort, stretch in the pant, coverage, and support. I want the leggings to feel like a second-skin,  I want to move and squat without restraint, I want the color of my underwear to remain a secret, and I want them to support my booty not flatten it! Also, who doesn't like a legging that can be worn outside of the gym? Whether you wear them to run errands or after the gym to grab coffee, this line is definitely ready for any occasion! 

There are a few brands I love (tried, test, and true), and now Altar Ego has been added to my list of go-to leggings. They’re a medium to high-rise fit (which I love) and they actually stay up! The wide band has an extra elastic at the top which keeps them snug and comfortable on your waist (side note: I pull mine just over my belly button and they sit comfortably there).  

 The best part about them is the unique Italian fabric which gives incredible support and excellent  breathability – bring it on hot yoga! Once class is over, I don’t end up on the ground fighting to pull them off…they simply slide off. Yes, they slide off because the material is so damn magical!

Whenever I love something, really love something (like the Maybelline Age Rewind), I go on and on about it. If I find something that I think works and everyone will love, then I want to shout it from the mountain top. So, picture me, on top of a mountain, yelling... “ALTAR EGO IS WORTH LOOKING INTO!!!”.

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